Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome to Gabriel

I got another new boy the other day, which was named Gabriel.

He is a lovely boy, and is very curious. I was setting up his divided 6 gallon today and he was watching everything I was doing. He is currently being stored in a heated 1.8gal tank at the moment.

Hopefully going to be getting a half moon breeding pair soon. Someone on a forum I visit is selling all his fry, and other bettas, so hopefully I can pick up a nice pair! I just need to pick up another 6gal tank (from Cheap as Chips) and divide that. I'm thinking I'll put the two boys in one 6gal (divided of course) and the two girls in the other... I'm still after a CT male, so I might have to divide my other tank.

Castiel has been moved up to the big 3 foot tank with Dean, and Sammy is in Castiel's old tank. Sammy is having some fin issues, so we are hoping to clear them up by putting him in a tank by himself, but we shall see.

Happy New Year guys :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Update: The boys, breeding and life

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. I've been pretty busy with life.

Sadly Lilith died the other day :( She some how managed to jump out of the smallest hole :( I was pretty upset for a few days, she had so much life in her, and loved watching me clean the house. Will miss her.

The boys are doing ok. Sammy & Dean had a case of finrot, Deans went away when I took a log out of his side of the tank, and put it in Sammy's... however Sammy's tail, fins and just general well being looks a bit low. His fins/tail are shrunken, and his colour is not as vibrant, however he appears happy enough, swimming around, showing off, and still eating, so I'm not to concerned at the moment.

I have two new introductions to make:
First is a dragon VT named Castiel, and the second I purchased from Aquabid. She is an orange CT and I'm going to try and find a male CT for her as well as breeding her with Castiel.

I won't post a picture of the new girl until she arrives in early Jan, but I think I am going to call her Ruby. I've been looking at Aquabid for a male, but it is rather expensive. Ruby was $19.80AUS, but then it is going to cost $22 for quarantine and then $16.50 for shipping. So I might go look at the LFS and see what I can find in terms of another girl, and a CT boy.

I've also started to research breeding. I think we'll give Dean the first go, and then Castiel after I have raised the first spawn. I have a friend who is interested in one, so I'm pretty happy about that, and I might keep one if it turns out well. The tank I was going to use for Ruby was given away, so I'll have to invest in a new one, and then I already have one here to use as the breeding tank. It's about a 8 or 9 gallon tank, so hopefully that will work out ok.

For those in Australia, keep an eye out at FishChick's fish. She has some stunners! Fishchick youtube

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Darling Lilith is turning into a photo whore recently, so I decided to show off some new pictures of her. We have decided that she is a Cambodian VT. Such a little stunner!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Tanks and The New Girl

After all the searching, my brother has finally found me a female! Yesterday he went to the Gawler aquarium, and they had just got an order of female bettas in. He said that they had a lovely white one with a redish tail, and a blue one, and I went for the white. She currently has a tank underneath Dean and Sammy. The tank needs some doing up, but I think she's happy at the moment.

So introducing Lilith:

The tank set up

Dean's tank (yes, the outside glass needs a clean!)

Sammy's tank

I missed out on a beautiful marbled crown tail the other day. My brother said it was ugly, so I didn't get it, got home, and then wanted it, so I drove back, and they had just sold it. :( It was white with black spots over it's tail, and a green tinge to it. Hopefully I find one like it again soon!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No Ladies for these boys

There has not been much to update in the ways of Sammy and Dean recently. They have managed to get into the same part of the tank twice. Sammy seems to be the dominate one, flaring up at Dean and chasing him away. They have both built new bubble nests, and they seem rather happy.

Went around Adelaide today to try and find a female. The only ones I saw were very boring looking, and I'm thinking of resorting to buying one of the internet (probably from here). I gave up on a beautiful crown tail. It was white, green and black, and I so wish I bought him now. I think I might head back on Saturday, and if he is still there get him, because he was a stunner, and would have beautiful babies!

I really hate shopping for bettas, because half of them look dead in their tanks. It's horrible!!

That is really it for today. Will post pictures of the tank next time :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The New Tank

The boys got a new tank yesterday. I decided to get a 3 foot tank, and divide it in half for them, it ends up a bit smaller than the tanks they already have, but it frees up the other two tanks for a female, and an eventual breeding tank.

Obviously I had to divide the tank, and as mentioned before, no one had ready made dividers. However the other day I stumbled upon a valuable source of information on making a divider.

All I did was get two A4 sheets of plastic mesh from a craft store (Spotlight, around $3.50AUD a sheet) and two A4 clamp files like above (Coles, $2.09AUD each) My tank is a bit higher than the A4, so I just sewed the two pieces together with some clear fishing line, and then ripped the clamp off the folder, and put it on either side of the mesh. After that I just put it in the tank, and cut to size. Stupidly I didn't think of taking any photos for here, but everything is above in the link!

My tank itself, as mentioned is a three footer. It was about $250AUD for the tank and the stand, I got a heater for about $30AUD and my brother shouted me a new light ($100AUD), and two plants for each side, so hopefully Sammy & Dean are happy with that!!

Made a trip down to PETstock. They had new male bettas in, but none of them really appealed to me, I think I was incredibly lucky with the colours I got in Sammy & Dean, however now I know where they keep the females, but I'm going to wait until I see a stunner before I get one. I might even buy over the net.

I hope to have Sammy and Dean in their new tanks before Saturday, so once they have settled and it all looks pretty, I will post some pictures!